BookRestorer 4.2

Book Restorer™ is the ideal tool for restoring images
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Book Restorer™ software is the ideal tool for restoring images because of the diversity and quality of its processes.
Book Restorer™ includes numerous features entirely dedicated to the digitization of materials such as books, incunabula, newspapers, registers, property books and maps.
Book Restorer™ is the ideal application for managing, restoring, storing and publishing written works.
Book Restorer™ lets you display and view all the images in a book digitized with a scanner.
During the import and export phases, you can select any of the following formats to optimize your files for their intended use: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PDF or PNG.
The Book Restorer™ architecture allows you to simulate a book structure.
The automation module enables you to run restore and export processing as a background task

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